Quazatron: RPG

Current version: v0.1_M1

Welcome to Quazatron: RPG page. Here, you can read some information about this game and download the latest version.


06.02.2006: We screwed up version naming, so today we present version 0.9_M1!

21.01.2006: Version 0.2_M1 was released a while ago internally (it's too ugly to show to decent people). New screenshot added!

09.01.2006: Version 0.1_M1 released. Main addition: pathfinding.

30.12.2005: Created SourceForge project page.

22.12.2005: Fixed error with non-NVIDIA cards.

1. История

Q:RPG based on old arcade game from ZX Spectrum named Quazatron. Stroy: during deep space exploration humanity encountered race of intellegent machines. Without a warning they began to attack human colonies. Attempts at contact were unsuccesful. Alient technology was better and humanity was losing one battle after another. But two things happend that could just turn tides of wat: first, recon team found home planet of Quazzi (human name for race of robots). Second, finally, during planetary combat uncrippled robot was captured. Earth scientists reprogrammed and modernized it a little and now KLP Klepto's task is to sneak into giant robots' HQ and destroy it or obtain some information that will help humanity to survive.

2. Features

QRPG will be 3D RPG with turn-based combat. Also, it will utilize Grapple concept from original game: device that allows you to gain access to enemy robot's brains. Since Klepto can't defeat all robots in Quaztron (the name of HQ) in direct combat, game will consist not only of combat part, but also will contain peacefull quests and dialogs. For destroying enemy robots and completing quests, Klepto will gain experience (Code Points) - parts of that will allwo him to develop his skills further. There will be several endings to game (3 at least)

3. System requirements

DirectX 9.0c (?????????)


See SF page

Version naming (important!):
Number after M means number of Milestone. So, version 0.1_M1 is somewhat like v0.0.1.

5. Planning:

Quazatron RPG planning:

Milestone 1: basic engine
* Grapple
* Animation

Final version: v1.0_M1
* Everything fixed and going

Milestone 2: fully working first level
Final version: v1.0_M2

Milestone 3: to be determined
Final version: v1.0_M3

6. Current features

7. Screenshots

Version 0.9_M1, main window
Main UI
Bot in room (v0.0_M1)